Bell of Xakirn

The Bell of Xakirn resided amidst the Mountain Hold of the Adhekir Orcs. Weighing some 65 Stone, the tremendous bell measured almost three men across and was fashioned in a double bell shape, the flute of the bell historically was said to aim down the slope of the mountain as it was in this position that the 3rd and 7th Gildæan Lance had encountered the Hold.

The bell, when struck, immobilized the whole of the Gildæan forces on both occassions leading to a routing of embarrassing proportion to the Throne. Most slain in the encounters returned to their loved ones headless and heartless, the heads set upon the parapets of the hold by the mountain Orcs to ward off angry spirits of the sky while the hearts were consumed by those who had lain each one low.

It was not until Arus Maknirr that the Mountain Hold fell, but not without a decimation of the 12th Gildæan Lance. With a mustered force of Fifteen, Arus Maknirr held there until the 2nd Arcanist Corps arrived to bolster the defences.

Arus, with the help of Belthain Zhenir, shattered the bell so that it could no longer be used to decimate Gilden’s forces. Belthain then took the broken remains back to Gilden for study, whereby his elder Sister crafted from the remains the Præphora Bells.

Bell of Xakirn

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