The Gray Plague

It comes to us, in the gloaming twilight, from mists and moors, fearing naught the day or deep of night. The first born fall, cozened of their lifely breath lifeless husks behind. This, the Gray Plague, spares naught but the great leaders of our world, whose noble countenance are so greatly needed in these uncertain times

Galphinion Songmaker

The Gray Plague is the peril of the livened existance, striking hardest upon the most tempestuous of the created races. Known mostly to humans, it is a disease that first began showing its face some two-hundred years from when the great ships landed upon the new lands.

An incredibly slow and degenerative disease, striking the oldest of Humanity, its symptoms include infirmity of the flesh, decline in mental, spiritual and physical prowess and a graying of the hair.

To date, few of the first generation have avoided contracting the Gray Plague, though both Gilden and Gran seek out remedies to the ailment. Of note, the leaders adulated by their respective peoples seem to have avoided contracting the plague, though the reasons for their resilience are nebulous and curious.

The Gray Plague

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