Millenial Moments

“…They never perished nor expired upon the firmament, they decay still, as undying as the deep, and as unliving as the skein upon the abyss. The halls now silent, joy and laughter hanging still like a memory upon the surface of a dream. Aldyr sits still, straddled upon the now and evermore… waiting, as the first and last, mourning for what always is his and never shall be again; Laughing and weeping the world.”

“Words from First Earth”

The Writings of Elgin Androsius

The Millenial Moments are the time before time. The shattered moments of the first song, which were bore in Creation for countless eternities yet smote and burned in the blink of time’s birth. To each race, it is something different.

To the Dwarves, it was The Great Sea of Earth. A time when they slipped like eels through the firmament, dancing and bellowing in song with the sonorous vibrations of deep crystal, sloughing through the dirt and stone as though its solidity made nary a difference. The first of their kind learned the Stone Song. They swam the length of creation in the earth, causing great furrows and joined in hand, together, and in their spinning circles gave rise to the ridged peaks of Aldûr.

To the Elves, it was The Great Wood. They walked long and at peace in the swaying rhythms of the verdant deep. Some still lay there, caught amidst The Aev’Alaen, where those who left long to be again. Some slept together, and the Elves would slip like Silkwater in and out of each other’s dreaming. They would Tree Jaunt from one friend to the next, and at times would bask in the quiet of The Great Wood. Long conversations were had then… the longest sort, and nary a word would be spoke between Elf and kindred of the verdant deep.

To the Humans, It was the company of The Eld. The Eldyan Als Shadi kept the childlike humans at play. It was a time of laughter and joy, and no span was bereft of the bright eyed Shir’Umin. No Eldaeiaen was seen without a gaggle of humans, whether it was joining upon the great chorus, or flying upon the winds of the glamor’d sky, or bathing in the wash of the treasures of The Earth and Green, or at game with the Fae’Rie. It was the warmth and companionship of eternal childhood.

And all these remembered, polished recollections still echo in The First Land, even after The Unmaker imposed itself upon Creation and shattered the Eldaeiaens eternal existence.

There, the Millenial Moments still exist, only as shadows and dreamings, forever bereft of their makers and those that partook. Some believe that, were a person to return to The First Land, that it might be possible to be caught up in one of these visiting moments, and to live it again as if you’d been there always.

Others believe you can catch only glimpses, and that to see such a thing would sunder ones will to continue.

Regardless of what one believes, most agree that Aldyr likely still sits upon The Throne of Light and Color, now alone and far from The Children of Eld.

Millenial Moments

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