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The Newly Born World of Aldûr

The world is as eyes newly opened. Humans, Dwarves, Elves have been cast out from the Womb of the World, born unto the Undiscovered Lands. The Elders have passed, their eternal age existing in but the blink of an eye. Their children lost in a newfound wilderness.

The Elves

The Eld-chyldren seek out their communion with the deep natures of the world, bonded fast unto each other. Immortal and undying, they fashion with the making melodies their homelands amidst the green and mysterious.

Aloof and inward seeking, they search within their created spirits for the answers to the great shift. Adieriane Llolithiana, Caer Liaen Tor Llithaen and Belarion Ruel’Tharon seek to guide their brothers and sisters into a new harmony, attempting ever to seek out that once lost light that shone so brightly for so long and yet so short.

The Dwarves

The stone-singers find disorientation upon the lapping shores of the new world. The burgeoning sky swirling with azure depth gapes like an open wound upon their mind. The firm, unyielding earth beckons, harking unto they whose origin echoes with the last held notes of the dusky eve.

Some remain behind, finding solace in the shaping of The Craft. The call of the Mountain home pulls many into a great exodus, for countless time they wander, encountering arcane macabre strangenesses both tremulous and fierce in the depths of the deep wild. In their final finding, won with blood from the shamanic trolls of the great mountain, the Brethren turn their hands to the earth for what comforts had been seized from them in the tumult of the great shift.

Clan halls and stone fortresses buttressed with the warmed stones pried from the gullet of the mountains rise in stark, defiant shapes. Moulded and fashioned from the worn hands of the First That Yet Live and the deep, sombre chantings of the Stonesong.

The Humans

The first, brother and sister, husband and wife. Daelin and Galoen Mardenbrooke wrest the untamed lands of the northern forests from the defiantly resilient Fel’Dor (One people). Called simply the Fel by those who cleave warmly to their leader saviors, the wretched evolved are seen by Galoen and his faithful as at best tools and at worst obstructions to the true divine right granted to the races who were sung into being at Creations birth.

Eridain Haedes, Gaewfrin Tulirr and Chosul the Windsinger turn away from the path to great empire, and with them many pilgrimage into the darkened western forests. Their steps follow the Eld-chyldren, and from their oaths of mercy and harmony with all of creation, the great White Oak springs forth in the East. It’s looming shadow forever to clash with the lance of the west, where the stone and steel of Gilden rise as testament to the might of humanity.

The Houses of Gilden

Ebriin – Lady of House Asell

Quelah – Lady of House Brosaen

Ophaedra – Lady of House Shevae


Lithfor – Lord of House Ylldir

Valka – Lord of House Othain

Krudagn – Lord of House Valain


The Second Houses

Shaeba – Lady of House Vhalok

Zoriah – Lady of House Trohth

Sebina – Lady of House Paldothir

Ludra – Lady of House Vesig

Ethra – Lady of House Uusur

Wae – Lady of House Aewin


Krusaer – Lord of House Balehn

Kruvhir – Lord of House Whex

Shadaa – Lord of House Exayr

Thuul – Lord of House Zhenir

Affron – Lord of House Ruun

Yth – Lord of House Arcane

The Seat of Glory

Oshirr En Weyr (The First and Eldest)

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