…And there, upon the far flung lands of timeless wonder, rest the dead of Eld. Their song gave birth to us for the gracious love of The Creator, and from the shattering of their realms are we each given up unto this imperfect shore…

from a Sermon at the Church of Light, Gilden Proper

The Eld, Eldyan Als Shadi, Eld’Anuinn, Tor’naald, Eld’Aian. The Celestial Chorus, embodiments of the very elements of existence. Vydia the soul of Innocence, Zephyr of the Curious Heart, Laeiuriel the wanderer among many others. Their existence is eternal and ephemeral at once.

An ageless moment belonged forever to them, and in that moment the whole of creation was birthed from their exulting song. The power of music to shape, define and create belonged to they and they alone. Their words still reverberate deep within the very core of all creation. Their whispered names for us linger within every soul of every being, binding us to the whole of creation.

The naming of the Eldaeian’s gives us our true names, the names that come to us in solemn and lingering moments of our lives. Taking wing upon the winds and in our dreams.

Alas, the coming of The Shadow upon the firmament brought with it intemperance, and the fragile existence The Eld relied upon was shattered. Their moment broken, they ushered the Created races from the Cradle of Creation, the Womb of the World. What mysteries lurk in their final, twilit moments remain obscured but for their last great singing; Dragonkind, the guardians of all things made.


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