Of lacquered Ebon shining dark upon, or bloodward colored pitch and crimson song, whose flesh cruel reflection maketh whole, a shadow and nightmare unto creation told.

“Falling Tears”, a Song by Llydwaen Gravewind

The Daemae and Ark-Daemae are the dwellers in the void. The writhing and undying semblance of creation beneath the skein of reality.

The carnal, primal yearning of the essence of the void birthed them; a result of its contact with the creation around it, encompassing its raw potentia of possible moments in the exterior of its prison, and on the interior a twisted, dark reflection of the world above.

Unordered and birthed only in chaos, unlike the newly formed Creation wrapped in suffocating proximity around it, the Void did not have intention behind the Daemae and Ark-Daemae. There shape, though often humanoid, is not limited in their variegation and often there is no symmetry to their anatomy, though in some cases there is. For a general rule, chaos developed these wretched, foreboding creatures and it is from such a presence that their visage is summoned.

Of what is common amongst the Daemae, the lesser creatures a result of the viscitudes of the Ark-Daemae, their hatred for creation resonates from their origin of creation. The eternal song that thrums through the whole of our making is agonizing to the fabric of the Daemae’s being.

Like their origin, they wish only for the echoes of the Maker to cease and to return into the quiet, eternal silence of the void. Their whole being is bent upon it.

Daemae often go to extreme lengths of cruelty towards the favored created races, as the song is much more prevalant in them. Likewise, their cruelty can be infectious, as the dark reflections of the positive emotions seem to emanate from such creatures, even the most minor of them.

Part of the reason for The Great Departure was to spare such corrupting influences upon the Chylder races.

It is rumored that The Great Silence was a result of the Ark-Daemae‘s entrance into this world, and that beyond the fathomless horizon, the age-ending war with the Eldaeian’s still continues in Millenial Moments.


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