“Eating, hungering, gnashing, killing, feasting, bleeding, murdering, screaming, seething, scraping, scratching, biting, tormenting, twisting, stabbing, fighting.”

An Excerpt from page 1 of “What is a Daemae?” by Withvard Tresenn

Daemae are manifested creations of the Ark-Daemae‘s rage towards Creation. To hear tell, a Daemae is birthed for every thought and thought between thoughts of an Ark-Daemae’s tortured existence in response to the echo of creation.

The implication, of course, is that in The Void there are writhing masses of such unmitigated hatred towards the whole of all that is. It is far more likely, however, that each individual Daemae stems first from that originating source, but from there becomes its own entity. Some Daemae seem to have had the capacity for communication, rudimentarily learned from the child races of The Eld, but stories of such entities always end in cruelty and misery towards those they learned from.

Likewise, such stories are rare. Briefly remembered snippets of Eternal Twilights in the Skies of Creation indicate that much of what is known of both Ark-Daemae and Daemae occurred prior to the founding of the world outside of the Eld-lands.

Most of the Forebears who came from across the great sea seem completely unwilling to learn anything further, and it is known that anyone who suggests studying such entities further is promptly put to death at the Arcanum Arcanae in Gilden.

The Children of the White Oak seem to have adopted the same punishment, even in normally tolerant Granish society.


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