Daelin firstborn. Lady of the People, Aev’ileth of Gilden. Daughter of the Creator, Mother of Oshirr En’Weyr.

Her honey-gold curls Frame a round, cheerful face where those briefest of lines indicate her warm, smiling nature. Her cool grey eyes have an innate calm and her gentle touch can soothe the most quarrelsome situations.

She does not drape herself in great finery, though there are brief notices of gold leave upon her hems and some common semi-precious stones threaded through her hair with flaxen threads.

Her body is generously curved yet resilient, and her bosom marks her as a mother of many children.

She gave birth to the royalty of Gilden and serves as the compassionate voice of virtue to all who wear the sigil of Gilden. Her handmaidens and Attendants number amongst most of the common folk, many having played amidst her skirts when they were but children.

Those faithful to the Great Mother take up her mantle of servitude and care of the common folk, and there are very few amongst the breadth of Aldûr who would seek harm to her. The faithful serve in many capacity’s to both the civilized and un-civilized. With the healing waters of the holy lake they go forth to bring nourishing soulfulness to even the Fel’dar.


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