“Gruuth Avad, Saa zuth Avad. Korath Vilath Vatuu.”
Translated: Your breath shall not endure, your life shall not endure. We are the eternal ending.

Oath of the Ark-Daeamae

The Ark-Daemae are to The Void what the Eldaeiaens were to Creation. Unlike The Eld, they appear only strengthened by the great shiftings of the world. Their essence seems energized by the vulgarity that has been presaged upon the whole of creation.

Where The Eternal Moment was the blissful childhood of the created races, it was in the first touch of the Ark-Daemae that their own creation was bore out. Self-creating, feeding upon the change and entropic forces of the shifting world-scape… the gutteral and often soul-piercing Oath listed above seems an ever constant reminder that the Ark-Daemae thrive upon decay, rage and ruin.

Where light and purity of emotion gave breath from the Creator unto the Eld, all the tantamount dark emotions resulting from the tearing down of that world birthed the Ark-Daemae. Immortal, unkillable and eternal, the only solace for the living world is that they have not travelled the vast sea from their Origin point, and it is believed that they reside still in the Millenial Moments stretching still upon the blue shores of The First-Land.

It is a great boon to the created races that, if there are names for the Ark-Daemae, no names are known and Daemae seem reluctant to convey any.


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