Gildaen Dueling Sword

Mercurial longsword

weapon (melee)

Gildan society has a highly refined culture of dueling to resolve issues between its noble houses. In keeping with its haughty culture, the noble houses picked one of the most difficult weapons to master as its default dueling weapon; the Mercurial longsword.

The weapon was chosen largely due to how difficult it is for non-masters to use; Gildaen nobles are trained at an early age in the intricacies of the weapon. Naturally, this gives the Noble Houses of Gildan a clear advantage when dueling with people outside the Houses. This is especially true when dealing with Gran Duelists.

Stats for a Gildaen Dueling sword:
1d8 damage, crits on a 20, 4x critical damage.

All true Gildaen Dueling swords are masterwork, and each sword has its own character. It is quite common for the swords to be named.


Gildaen Dueling Sword

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