Aldûr: The First Age

Trade Towns and Slave Skills

Shoult, A trade town

The journeying party, now safely out of the depths of the wild, is returned unto the civilized lands. Travelling east, they come to the small trade town of Shoult. The party takes the time to relax, trade some goods and brush off the grime of the road.

Edmond entertains himself by utilizing a minor knack to blossom heat-less flame from the heads of the town children, causing unquestionable torment upon their parents for a brief span. He then haggles with a colorful Servitor Merchant for the trade of spice goods with two young children of age 9 or 10.

Eventually, a bargain is struck and young Galdwin and Purdran Elodwin are brought under young master Edmond’s auspices.

Nomen reflects upon his recent encounters, brooding thoughtfully about the events that have transpired in the most recent month of his life.

The party, now rested, presses onward toward Gilden. The sight of the cobbled roadways and aqueducts running parallel ease Edmond’s senses of propriety.

The rolling farmlands of the region spread outward, and upon the evening’s rising moon, Edmond assists Theodalindrain practicing her elemental practicum.

Stormclouds and Trees

Edmond foists the young Galdwin into the ownership of the dwarven priest. A lengthy and convoluted conversation occurs as Nomen attempts to correct the years or months of training that young Galdwin must have endured.

In the meantime, Edmond and Theodalindrapractice their arcane arts, and through the effort of joining lightning to a small overhead cloud, proceeded to glut the cloud upon the elemental forces, causing it to expand and burst into hot, steaming rain.

Nomen provided shelter from the brief cloudburst by shaping a nearby stone into a roof.

On the morn, again the party pushed onward.

Encountering a road-crew and a fork in the road, Edmond took the north fork. Some hours later, a familiar foul smell wafted through the air. With some concern for the presence of Shamblers, the party pushed onward to Tyrnan, a lumber town of Gilden. The 9th Spear of Gilden were rife throughout the town, alerting Edmond to a level of some military tension to the city.

Inquiring of an Adjutant as to who was currently in charge, Edmond is accompanied to the Main Hall of Talmond, whereby Gynna Othain took Edmond’s explanation of his travelling troupe.

Gynna informed Edmond that Sigraed Taernsdotter would wish to formally invite Lolithiana and Edmund to a welcome dinner in their honor.

Edmond insisted upon investigating the foul smell to the south of Tyrnan before resting or partaking of the invited Hospitality. After speaking with Sigraed, Edmund and the others return to the foul smelling area to the south.

A corpse is discovered, riddled with several large arrows with two black fletchings and one white. The corpse was garbed and armed similarly to the rest of the 7th Lance of Gilden’s forces.

The corpse is returned to Tyrnan, Whereby the party is informed that the 7th Lance is in Tyrnan in order to combat groups of Fel’Dor striking travelers and workers in the region. With trepidation and suspicion, Edmund indicated to Nomen, Theodalindra and Milton that he was uncertain of the evens transpiring in Tyrnan.

Edmund asks of Sigraed if he might attempt a diplomatic solution with the Fel’Dor in the region. Sigraed agrees with some trepidation, insisting that Lolithiana be accompanied from the region on her journey to Gilden proper while sending a small troupe of her finest soldiers to accompany the group on their attempt to communicate with the Fel’Dor.


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