Aldûr: The First Age

Departing Chorianna's Villa

The Cleric battles with the apprehension of alienation from the party, conversing with the Sage Lolithiana they discuss the perceptions and idioms of Gilden and the seeking of wisdom through questions. Explanations are given for behavior and the inappropriateness of discussing certain things with human women.

Milton is brought back from his stony prison with a liberal application of Basilisk’s blood and the shaping song of Dwarven Stonesculpting. Returned to life with a fierce hunger seizing upon him, he gorges himself upon the dime of the accompanying Sage.

Edmund is met in the deep, sunless morning with the Dwarf. Both take up practical arms to spar while discussing some differences of opinion and perceptions of both Edmund towards Dwarves in General as well as those of his family being less understanding or tolerant of such differences in culture.

Theodalindra is besieged once more by both Milton and the Cleric as they discuss inappropriate things to discuss in polite company. Rankled, Theodalindra seeks out some distraction through sparring with the local captain of the guard who bows out but a few minutes into the sparring.

Distraught, Theodalindra returns to Chorianna’s brothel and bathhouse to soothe her ire and bruises in the warm springs local to the region.

As each of them settles their bones and warms their flesh, it is decided that they had best be moving on upon the following morn.

As each slumbered fitfully in the night, an eerie cold seeped through their blankets, permeating their rooms as with the ushering of silent shadows across the floor heralded the entrance of minor demon kin. Bestial and feral in their desires, they sought to feast upon the abundant energies flowing through the members of the group, their senses having guided them to the divine conduit nearest to them; The Dwarven Cleric.

Woken during the act of feasting, the party members cast off their aggressors in a pitch battle. As the Cleric called upon the deep powers of the earth, daylight burst brilliantly from his visage as it would a sunstone, the shadowy demons dissolving in the brilliant rays.

Edmund, having freed himself from his own demon, quarreled with the one accosting the Courtesan Chorianna, saving her life. The party, rejoined, made way to see if others of the village had survived. The local Blacksmith, along with a young woman and her daughter, were the soul survivors of the malicious infestation.

Upon rescuing the beleagured blacksmith, the greatest of the demon pack took the opportunity to waylay them as they were attempting escape from the small village. Milton was accosted and laid low by the fiend before its attention was turned upon the far more threatening strikes of Edmund.

Soundly the creature was defeated, though not without cost. Battered and soul-weary, the party departed Chorianna’s Villa to make their way north.


chainedfei chainedfei

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