I was there when we began, when the shadow joined the light and the one voice became many. At the crux of our making, where all things were eternal, and then upon the breaking when first we breathed with separate wills. I remember the Eldest, and how their beautiful perfection could not stand against the very maw of the Unmaker. How I yearn to hear but a singular sonorous note from their chorus one last time before the Gray Plague takes me…

Excerpt from the diary of Elgin Androsius

Welcome to Aldûr: The First Age

There are many tales stretching back through the span of Earth’s history, and many legends thereof. Ancient oral tradition passed forward throughout the ages speaks of our current age as the fourth age, the age of Man. Three ages passed before… and amongst them, Aldûr was the first.

A world freshly born from a moment of Divine Adulation, where time and distance held little meaning. A world shaken and unbalanced in the face of that perfection’s shattering by the inevitable and unavoidable interaction of a Creator and it’s Shadow. A world where the young races, sang into being by the chorus’ of the Maker, struggle amidst a new land; cast out from their origin by the looming threat of their antithesis; Demons.

Humans, Elves and Dwarves, each but a child race thrust into a world that is both moments and aeons old. A world where Trolls, Orcs and Goblins are fresh upon the makings of their own civilizations.

Where The Fae, ever a part of the world, have enmeshed themselves into the infirm and intemperate surface of this flat earth. An earth whose borders are nebulous and uncertain, a world of loosely defined rules and uncertain futures.

Herein our stories take place. A world before Gods, a world before Death, a world before Magic. Where The Gray Plague through decades and centuries saps the strength and resilience of Humanity, robbing them of their eldest and those who remember the beginning clearest. Where the uncertain energies wielded by The Fae and half clutched by shamanic feral races are alien and threatening. Where the mysterious origins of creations might lurk in the blood, in the name and in the mists of the deep wild.

Welcome to Aldûr.

Treatise of Knowledge

Treatise of the Created

Treatise of the Fel’Dor

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Aldûr: The First Age

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